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A Comprehensive platform offering services at every step of business formation. From legality to marketing, we aim to safeguard businesses and individuals from complexities of legal documentations, filings, taxations and compliance procedures.

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We’re a result driven team of accomplished experts that caters to both new and established enterprises by meeting their legal requirements. Incorporation, government registrations & filings, bookkeeping, documentation, and annual compliances are just few of the most comprehensive services that we offer. Our experts purvey many different services available to individuals, such as property contracts and tax returns.
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Good legal advice can help you protect your company’s intellectual property, avoid costly legal mistakes, ensure that you are compliant with the law, and help you navigate complex legal processes. Additionally, having a lawyer can help you stay on top of changes in business law and regulations and protect your business from potential risks.

We at Legal Adhikari offer all legal solutions

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A Chartered Accountant can help to secure your business by providing expertise in taxation, auditing, accounting and other financial matters. They are trained professionals who help to ensure that your money is in safe and secure hands. Chartered Accountants can help to check, prepare and analyse the financial day to day Business affairs and can provide advice on how to deal with financial difficulties. They can act as a valuable sounding board and can provide knowledge on opportunities and threats in the market.

We at Legal Adhikari offer all compliance solutions

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A company secretary is an essential part of a company, acting as the advisor, organizer, agent, coordinator, conductor, custodian, and chief administrative officer. They provide necessary information to formulate plans, register share allotment, enter into contract, maintain correspondence, prepare and allocate share certificates, conduct meetings, maintain books of accounts, and carry out various administrative jobs.

We at Legal Adhikari offer all corporate solutions

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Digital marketing is an essential part of any business strategy as it allows businesses to reach a broader audience and generate more leads, sales, and brand awareness. It is also cost-effective, measurable, and can be tailored to suit specific customer needs. Digital marketing can help businesses increase their visibility and reach, engage with customers, and build loyalty and trust. Additionally, digital marketing can help businesses to keep up with their competitors, reach new markets, and gain insights into customer behaviour.

We at Legal Adhikari offer all marketing solutions

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