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A logo is a visual design that represents a brand and business, usually appearing on stationery, branding materials, and business cards. It can be pictorial, typographic, or a combination of both.

Why is Logo Design needed?

A logo is a visual representation of a brand and business that appears on materials such as stationery, branding, and advertising. It helps to grab the attention of customers, sets a business apart from competitors, creates a concrete and marketable brand identity, and builds brand loyalty.

Our services- 

⦁ Unique logo design ideas can build distinctive brands and leave a good impression.

⦁ Our designers understand your business and vision for the logo and brand.

⦁ They are experts in brand building and will assist with encapsulating your brand’s culture and values.

⦁ We can also assist with other branding needs and trademark application once the logo is completed.



Digital Logo Design Online – Basic – INR I,500 / Printable Logo Design – Basic – INR 3,500

In 2-4 business days, you will receive:

⦁ 2 hi-res logos in JPG & transparent PNG + 2 iterations

⦁ Source File

⦁ Vector File

⦁ Printable Resolution File

⦁ Stationery Designs (for Letterhead, Business Card and Envelope)

Complete Brand Logo Design Package – INR 12,000

In 3-5 business days, you will receive:

⦁ 2 hi-res logos in JPG & transparent PNG + upto 10 iterations

⦁ Source File

⦁ Printable Resolution File

⦁ Stationery Designs (for Letterhead, Business Card and Envelope)

⦁ Social Media Kit

⦁ Vector File

⦁ Copyright Registration

 Copyright is a legal right that protects creative works, such as music, films, and art. It gives authors, musicians, and artists exclusive rights to reproduce, distribute and duplicate their works. Legal Adhikari offers registration of copyrights for musical compositions, song lyrics, videos, etc. Proprietors can also delegate power to others for these activities.


⦁ Copyright is a legal right that gives authors, musicians, artists, and film and music producers exclusive rights to reproduce, distribute, and sell their creative works.

⦁ It can be registered in India through the Copyright Protection Act of 1957.

⦁ Registration grants the owner exclusive rights to their work and prevents unauthorized duplication or abuse by third parties.

⦁ Information like name, address, phone number, e-mail, and nationality are necessary for registration.

⦁ A soft copy of the work and JPG-format files are required, and work related to a website or software must be uploaded on CDs and DVDs.

⦁ A clear copyright lookup certificate from the trademark registration office is necessary for creative works.

⦁ If the original author wants to register through an agent, they need to give a power of attorney to the agent.

Documents Required-

Personal details:

⦁ Name, address, and nationality of the applicant

⦁ Name, address, and nationality of the author of the work

⦁ Nature of the applicant’s interest in the copyright – whether the applicant is the author of the work or the representative of the author.

⦁ Copies of the original work

⦁ ID proof of the owner and incorporation certificate if it is for business.

Nature of the work:

⦁ Class & description of the work

⦁ Title of the work

⦁ Language of the work

⦁ Date of publication – publication in internal magazines, like a company magazine or a research paper submitted to a professor does not count as publication.

⦁ Three copies of your work

⦁ Authorization letter (we will send you)

What can be protected by Registration?

⦁ Copyright protection in India is available for 9 categories of works including books, software, scripts, lyrics, websites, apps, videos, songs, and music.

⦁ Copyright registration is necessary for authors, musicians, playwrights, and film and music production companies to have exclusive rights to sell, distribute, or duplicate their work.

⦁ The Copyright Protection Act of 1957 governs copyright registration in India.

⦁ The registration process includes providing personal information and submitting a soft copy of the work.

⦁ Copyright registration provides legal protection against duplication or abuse of the original work by third parties.

Copyright Protection Validity-

⦁ Copyright protection for works created after 1 January 1978 typically lasts for the author’s lifetime plus 70 years.

⦁ For anonymous, pseudonymous, or work-for-hire, the copyright is valid for 95 years from the year of initial publication or 120 years from the year of creation.

⦁ Registration of works produced after 1 January 1978 does not need to be renewed.

⦁ Renewal registration for works published or registered prior to 1 January 1978 is optional, but it offers some legal benefits.

⦁ Reach out to Legal Adhikari for help with the copyright registration process.


Civil Remedies: Interlocutory Orders of Court

Financial Solutions

Orders from Anton Pillar

Mareva’s Order

Pharmacal Order in Norwich

Criminal Remedies- Up to three years in jail, but no less than six months

Collecting the fines of up to ₹50,000

Searching for and stopping counterfeit goods

Delivery of counterfeit goods to the owner of the copyright.

Rights of Copyright Owners-

⦁ Copyright owners are entitled to publicly display, reproduce, and distribute their work, as well as create adaptations of it and perform it publicly.

⦁ Exclusive rights of the copyright owner include the ability to duplicate, create derivatives, publicly perform, and seek redress for unauthorized use.

⦁ Copyright owners also have the right to prevent others from reproducing or adapting their work, as well as the right to control public communication, public performance, attribution, and distribution of their work.

⦁ The copyright owner has the legal right to sue if their creation is misrepresented or altered without their permission.

Why Legal Adhikari?

⦁ Our IP experts will guide you through the copyright registration process.

⦁ Forms and applications will be filled out by experts.

⦁ The process is fully online.

⦁ User-friendly dashboard for uploading details and documents.

⦁ Work and data are safe and secure.

⦁ Support team available to answer questions.

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