An inventor with a patent has the sole right to prevent others from creating, utilising, selling, or acquiring their invention or an Idea. Indian patent registration is now a simple process. Apply for a design patent through Legal Adhikari right now!

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Patent registration is a legal process that grants an individual or enterprise exclusive rights to an invention, protecting it from unauthorized use. Legal Adhikari offers expert guidance and assistance for patent filing in India, simplifying the process for businesses and individuals looking to secure their patent.


⦁ Patent filing in India grants exclusive rights to the inventor, protecting their invention from being copied or used without permission.

⦁ Patent filing can be beneficial for businesses, restricting competitors from using their intellectual property.

⦁ Patents can be sold or licensed like other forms of property.

⦁ Patent holders can improve brand perception and potentially charge a premium.

⦁ Exclusive rights last for 20 years or longer.

Documents Required-

⦁ Application form (Form 1)

⦁ Provisional or complete specification (Form 2)

⦁ Drawings (if necessary)

⦁ Abstract of invention

⦁ Information & undertaking on foreign patent application (Form 3)

⦁ Priority document (if claiming priority date)

⦁ Declaration of inventor-ship (Form 5)

⦁ Power of attorney (if filed through patent agent)

Benefits for filing provisional patent

A provisional patent application secures your date and work, giving you a 12-month buffer to further develop your invention and assess its market potential. It is less costly and resource-intensive than a permanent patent application and can be used to prevent competitors from filing for similar inventions. Once ready, a complete patent application can be filed.

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Forms and applications will be filled out by experts.

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