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Trademarks are important for business and multiple are applied for each year. Some are rejected by examiners due to similarity to existing trademarks. The examination report summarizes the investigation and reason for rejection.
Documents required
  • Report on a legal document
  • Trademark examination report
  • Identification documentation
  • Process for address verification in trademark opposition
Reasons for objection
  • A trademark objection process may be initiated if the application is in incorrect format or contains incorrect information.
  • To overcome objections, applicant may need to submit alteration request (Form TM-16) or rectification request for incorrect information (e.g., address, name, power of attorney)
  • Clarification or rectification may also be needed if goods or services described in the application are too broad or vague.
  • Objections may also be raised if a similar trademark already exists for comparable or identical goods or services, and applicant may need to prove that the trademarks are different.
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