The process of transferring ownership of the trademark (symbol, word, number, or even a mix of colors) either with or without the goodwill of the business is called Trademark Assignment. Get your trademark assigned online with Legal Adhikari.

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Trademark assignment is the transfer of ownership of a trademark through sale, license, or transfer, like any other asset. It can be done through assignment or licensing.


  • Through trademark assignment, brand owner can unlock the value of the brand.

      ⦁ Assignee benefits by starting with a previously well-known brand.

      ⦁ In case of disputes, legal rights can be established through the assignment.

      ⦁ The Registrar ensures validity of assignment by checking all clauses in the assignment deed and declaring it in the Trademarks Journal.

  • Assets to be assigned

      ⦁ Pending trademark applications.

      ⦁ Issued trademark registrations.

      ⦁ Goodwill.

      ⦁ Associated marks, applications or registrations.

      ⦁ International registrations.

      ⦁ Common law trademarks.

      ⦁ Names of living or deceased individuals.

      ⦁ Domain names, email accounts, social media or website accounts, etc.

      ⦁ Execution requirements

      ⦁ Signatories.

      ⦁ Witness.

      ⦁ Notarization.

      ⦁ Legalization.

      ⦁ Execution date and place.

      ⦁ Power of attorney.

Documents Required-
  • Certificate of Trademark Registration (if any).

      ⦁ The assignor and assignee’s name and description.

      ⦁ No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the original owner of the registered trademark.

Individual and sole proprietorship-

To register a trademark assignment in India, the following documents are required:

        ⦁ Copy of the logo or word mark

        ⦁ Form-48 (authorization from the applicant to a Trademark Attorney)

        ⦁ Identity proof of the individual or proprietor

        ⦁ Address proof of the individual or proprietor.
Assignment in trademark with goodwill-

        ⦁ Trademark assignment allows the transfer of ownership rights and associated brand value to another party for use in a specific business field. The new owner can utilize the trademark’s reputation for future business opportunities.
Assignment in trademark without goodwill-
Trademark assignment allows transfer of ownership and use rights of a trademark in a specific field of business. It can also include a joint use agreement between the assignor and assignee, known as a “co-existence” or “co-use” agreement.

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