Trademark Registration in India


Trademark Registration in India

In this blog, we look at the benefits of trademark registration and all the reasons why your company should get one!

 What is a trademark?

Any sign, logo, phrase, or combination of letters or words used to identify the source of a product or service is a trademark. It aids in tracking down the origin of an item. Your trademark is a special logo that identifies your business and sets it apart from competitors. 

Trademark registration can be easily done through an online legal consultation.

 Since a trademark serves to identify the source of a product, it is reasonable to assume that products bearing a registered trademark are credible. As a result, no one with a trademark would ever risk having their name attached to a subpar product. In-person or online legal advice can help you start the right way of trademark registration. 

What comprises a trademark?

A trademark can be anything, including a single word or a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. They can be anything from a drawing or symbol to the shape and packaging of a product to a sound or scent to a particular shade of color. Online legal advice can help you secure your trademark in the right way! 

What is a good trademark?

 A good trademark should be pronounceable and memorable without sacrificing the qualities that set it apart from the competition. Brands with trademark registrations in India are trustworthy.

 The popularity and trustworthiness of a brand have a significant impact on whether or not a potential customer will make a purchase. Good trademark registration is one of the services offered by expert legal consulting services.

What can’t be a trademark?

Trademarks that are already in use or that are confusingly similar to registered trademarks are not allowed. Texts and passages directly from religious texts are not submittable as a trademark. 

Your mark must be unique. Before proceeding with the registration, be sure to know if your trademark is valid through online lawyer services


Trademark search

Doing a trademark search before applying for registration is best. It is prudent to research previously registered trademarks to ensure that your trademark will not be rejected based on confusing similarities. You can do so with the help of our expert lawyer consultation services

Fees for trademark registration 

The fee for trademark registration is Rs.9000 per application per class for the company. The government fee for trademark registration is Rs.4500 per application per class for individuals.

It’s best to seek advice through online legal consultation before application. 

Advantages of trademarking

There are multiple advantages to trademarking, as discussed below.

 Legal Rights

 In India, a trademark grants its owner certain legal protections. The owner of a trademark has exclusive use of that mark. Any goods that fit into the applicable class(es) come under the umbrella of protection. Furthermore, the proprietor can have sole control over the trademark. Get the right online legal consultation before applying for a trademark. 

R symbol 

After trademark registration, its owner can add the ® symbol to their logo. It shows protection from fraudsters. Legal action can be taken against an infringer. If someone tries to use your trademark without your permission, you have the right to sue them.  


The goal of registering a trademark is to give your product an identifying mark that stands out from the competition. That’s right; this is yet another perk of registering your trademark. 

 In other words, a distinct brand identity increases the brand’s appeal and encourages the target market to purchase the product. When a product has a distinct brand identity that is into tune with consumer preferences, it is easier to introduce it to the market. It helps you stand out from the crowd of your rivals. Brand identity allows you to convey the values, standards, and other aspects of your business and products. 

 Ownership and Transfer of ownership 

The registration of trademark results in the creation of an asset. It’s beneficial to own a trademark. A trademark registration gives the owner the legal ability to transfer ownership of the mark through means such as sale, assignment, franchise, or contract. Online lawyer services can help you with transferring ownership and other trademark services. 

 Increase in brand value

 Having a trademark also aids in building consumer confidence and loyalty to a particular brand. Everyone is aware of the high standard you’ve set for your goods and services because of your trademark. Consumers are more likely to believe in and support a brand as its popularity rises. It’s useful for establishing long-term relationships with clients who prefer to stick with one company’s products or services. 

Easy and cost-effective

Online trademark registration provides low-cost protection with minimal ongoing maintenance costs. After the initial registration fee, only the renewal fee is due every ten years. It’s cost-efficient and useful for giving your business a distinguishable identity. One can easily get trademark registration through trusted lawyer consultation services

Do you the government fee for trademark registration is ₹4500 per application per class for an individual?


In this blog, we have completed talking about trademark Registration in India.

Trademarks serve as a validation of the product’s high quality. Customers associate a brand’s name with its perceived quality. It is an assurance of high-quality product and its novelty along with the added credibility!

Trademark registration in India does not entitle its holder to the registration of the mark in every country around the world. To apply for trademark registration in countries other than India, it is necessary to first register the trademark in India. Applying for a trademark in multiple countries is always better for a wider set of protection. It is provided by expert online legal consultation


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